Weight Loss Cop

If you're breaking the diet laws, the weight loss cop will arrest you and set you back on the straight and narrow path to a slim, fit, healthy body. So watch out!

weight loss copIf I catch you sneaking cream cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy and soda into your room when you think no one is looking, you're in big trouble!

I'm the meanest, greenest, rootin'est, tootin'est gun totin' enforcer in the land.

And I'm a comin' for all you overeating, sugarbag stuffed fatties. I'll read you the riot act and stop you from slowly killing yourselves with unhealthy junk food and sugar-packed drinks.

Of course, that'll only happen if you want me to!

Welcome to the website of the Weight Loss Cop!

Lose Weight and Be Healthy

If you want to be healthy, feel great, fit into great looking, fashionable clothes and turn heads at the beach or the pool in a swimsuit, then you better make a decision today. Now! The decision that you're going to find a great weight loss resource and start eating sensibly, with the aim to look better, feel better and be better!

There's no point in being overweight and telling everyone that you feel great because we all know you're not feeling as great as you would feel if you were not carrying around so much dangerous, unhealthy and potentially life-threatening visceral fat in your body!

Oh, did I mention this was NOT going to be all sugar coated, nicey nicey, sweet and fluffy?

My bad. I'm here to tell the stark, harsh and dirty truth. The truth about what is going inside your overweight, obese bodies.

And it's a truth that nobody wants to hear because they don't like to hear the truth about what all that sugar and junk food is doing to their insides. Never mind what it's making their outsides look like!

Bad Fat Bad Health

There's no getting away from the reality that medical experts have known for decades about the potential dangers of having too much visceral fat in your abdomen. It's not about being a little overweight but still feeling fit and healthy.

It's about being a little or a lot overweight and being unhealthy!

"Why can't badass fitness trainers and diet nuts leave us poor fatties alone?" You may well ask.

The answer is we are leaving you alone in the main, and look what you're doing to yourselves! You're still eating junk processed foods and drinking soda like it's coming from the chalice of life. Well, it's not. It's poisoning you from the inside out and you don't or won't realize it.

I want to give you a chance. A chance to stop making yourself ill and shortening your lifespan expectancy. A chance to be less prone to getting sick and old before your time.

A chance to live longer, healthier and happier!

You're going do achieve that by changing your diet. You're going to discover what foods are bad for you (and your waistline) and why. You're then going to discover what foods you can replace them with and why they'll help you stop getting fatter and start getting thinner!