Welcome to the place where the Weight Loss Cop hangs out and tells his tales of woe and of hope. Here is a website aimed at telling you how you got overweight, why your getting more overweight and what you must do to stop getting any more overweight and reversing that trend.

It's all about providing you with the information you need to understand why you're too large in the first place. To tell you what being too large is potentially doing to your health. And to tell you what you can do in order to turn it around and get back in shape.

There's no medical expertise or fitness guru mumbo jumbo to contend with here. Just good old fashioned common sense mixed with a big heap of regular research and the results of which that have enabled me to tell you what I know. And what you should know too.

You are the end result of what you eat and drink. If you're overweight and carrying too much visceral fat in your abdomen, it's pretty certain you've been eating and drinking too much of the wrong foods and beverages.

Common sense says to get back to where you should be (healthily slim and trim without all that belly fat), you need to stop eating and drinking all the wrong things and start eating and drinking all the right things!

That's what I'm here to help you with and to do.