The Nutrisystem Diet

Many people are often on the lookout for the easiest ways of getting things done.

Dieting is no exception and with the rising numbers of overweight and obese people, it does make sense to provide a simple dieting solution as possible to get as many of those people interested in losing that weight as possible.

This is where the Nutrisystem diet really comes into its own, because it is about as easy as it comes and so convenient, it's hard not to lose weight by going on it.

Given that a diet solution can be as simple and convenient as that provided by a company such as Nutrisystem; it's fair to ask why you should choose it over other, seemingly equally simple and convenient diets. Well, it helps to know something about the company and the products and services it provides for its customers, which is the purpose of this article.

What is Nutrisystem?

the nutrisystem dietNutrisystem is a company that produces ready made and pre-packed low calorie meals that are shipped out to customers and delivered to their homes. They have been operating since the 1970s and have gained a reputation for good quality, tasty and nutritious diet meals at a fair price.

Many thousands of satisfied customers can testify to the high standards and successful results achieved by their diet plans. So they have an established credibility in the diet industry that few other companies can match.

What Do Nutrisystem Diets Consist Of?

Upon reading a good Nutrisystem reviews pros and cons article, you'll see there are several different diet plans provided by the company to cover a wide span of different needs. There are dedicated plans for men and women, the over 60s, vegetarians and diabetics as well as those with spcial dietary needs.

There are flexible "Core" plans that allow customers to choose their own menu from a huge itinerary of meal selections. There is also a "Uniquely Yours" frozen meal plan that provides some incredible desserts that have traditionally been off the menu for dieters such as ice cream, cake based desserts, flans and pie.

What are the Nutritional Benefits?

All main meals are balanced and nutritious, being a combination of protein, low Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and dietary fiber. This balanced combination is considered by many leading dietitians as being the most consistently successful types of diet for the widest user base.

Unlike some restrictive diet plans, which withhold certain food groups from the diet such as removing all carbohydrates or all fats, Nutrisystem plans include all food groups.

Their carbohydrates are based on the low end of the Glycemic Index, which provides slower release of sugars that the body is better equipped to digest more completely without large percentages being stored as fats as is the case with high GI carbs. Unsaturated fats are an important part of our diet and these are included in their meals, while saturated fats are considered bad and are mostly omitted.

All meals and desserts are calorie controlled to ensure the dieter's calorie intake for each day is sufficiently restricted to promote weight loss.

What is the Cost of Nutrisystem?

The different diet plans carry different price tags, but all plans are reasonably and competitively priced when compared with similar diet food delivery service type diets and in most cases are less expensive. The Nutrisystem diet is meant as a total replacement for your regular meals, so in order to get a realistic measure of the true cost, you must deduct what you normally spend on food over the four week period from the price you pay for the meals.

Most Americans spend more on their regular food than they would spend on a 28-day supply of meals from Nutrisystem, so in a large number of cases, going on their diet can actually work out cheaper than eating your regular diet. This of course assumes that the bulk of your regular food is purchased as processed or partially processed meals and desserts from supermarkets including frozen foods.

What is the Alternative?

You can eat a lot cheaper and very healthily when you buy only fresh ingredients and prepare your own home cooked meals, but a large number of Americans do not do this, preferring to rely on the easy options that are available in supermarkets these days. This is a contributing factor in the obesity epidemic, along with the high level of dietary intake of junk foods, sweet, sugary foods and soda, high GI carbs such as white bread, cakes and pasta and of course high calorie snacks such as potato chips, savory snacks, pretzels, popcorn etc.

If you are not eating regular home cooked meals, then chances are you are surviving on a bad diet of junk, processed foods and snacks, which is what is making you overweight and causing any of your weight loss efforts to be in vain.

For those of you with this kind of diet meal delivery program, a period on the Nutrisystem diet will benefit you greatly because it has all the convenience factors associated with fast, junk food, but without all the empty calories. Instead, it provides you with a low calorie, healthy and nutritious alternative that will help you to lose weight.