Lose Weight at the Pool

Many people, when they think of going to the pool, think about have a great time splashing around with some friends and cooling down on a hot day.

But having a great time at the pool can also do you some more good if you are overweight, by helping you to shed some of that excess weight simply by doing what comes naturally at the pool.

That just happens to be good, old fashioned swimming!

Swimming and Weight Loss

lose weight swimmingIt often amazes people to think that there is actually an activity they can do to lose weight that is also a lot of fun to do.

Swimming is a great past time and while being mostly recreational and a great way to cool off on a hot summer's day, it allows you to get your body in motion and work some muscles.

It is that work that causes those muscles to demand more fuel so they can work more. The fuel comes from the body's supply of blood sugar in the form of glucose, which is sent directly to the muscles to use.

But after a while, those sugars get used up. If you get out the pool at that stage and go lie down to rest in the sun, then you will not have done yourself a great deal of good, although your muscles will have gained some strength ready for the next time you use them in this way.

But if you continue swimming, your muscles will keep demanding more fuel so they can keep working. Then the body has to supply them and to do that it has to replenish the levels of glucose in your bloodstream. Guess where it gets the fuel from?

Burning Stored Fat

It gets it from its store of energy, which it handily packed away in fat cells every time you ate more than you needed and pushed more sugars into your system than it could use. Here is the reversal of the weight gain process in action as long as you watch your diet and cut back on anything with added sugar while avoiding simple carbohydrates where possible.

So here is one of the more relevant easy weight loss tips that applies here. The longer you swim for, the more the body must process its fat store to provide the fuel for your muscles.

The great thing about this process is that the more often you swim for longer periods, the stronger your muscles will become. This happens through repeated use and the more fuel they will demand every time you go to the pool.

That means they will use more and more of your fat reserves over time and as long as you can switch to s sensible diet that doesn't cause your body to store any more fat, then you will be in a net fat loss situation. This will lead to gradual weight loss in the best possible way, because your body will get an overall tone up from the exercise you are giving it. Its better and more fun than when you lose weight at home!

The result, after several weeks of doing this will be a visibly slimmer and better toned body that you will then have to go out and buy some new clothes in a smaller size, because the old fat ones won't fit any more. Now isn't that a nice position to be in?